HORNIBLOW’S HOT THREE – Riotous 20s Hot Jazz

NICHOLAS D. BALL : ‘Traps & Washboard

Comprising specialist syncopators from the UK and USA, Horniblow’s Hot Three play riotous 1920s hot jazz – the original piano trio format at its most stomping. Whilst most vintage bands honour early jazz’s great geniuses, the Three take pleasure in trawling the other end of the spectrum, finding music neglected for nearly a century – sometimes rightly! – and breathing new life into it for modern audiences. Specialisms include elegant ‘impressionist’ jazz of the late 20s, imaginative versions of classic ragtime tunes, and spirited recreations of the rustic, down-home washboard-trio style of long-lost nobodies like Jimmie O’Bryant and George McLennon.  Horniblow’s Hot Three are a unique act incorporating humour, painstaking musicological research, foot-stamping energy, and a commitment to representing the full spectrum of 1920s jazz from the ridiculous to the revolutionary.

The trio’s debut album “Steppin On The Gas” is now available for purchase and download: